Nuraxi brings longevity to the world

Our Philosophy

Nuraxi: Stemming from the word Su Nuraxi – a UNESCO world heritage site preserving what is left of Sardinia’s ancient villages and famously impressive architectural structures (Nuraghes).

Today, the Nuragic civilization remains a symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture. The Nuragic Age was a time when modern innovation and ancient wisdom were used together to truly improve quality of life.

Sardinia Blue Zone

A cluster of towns on the Italian island of Sardinia represent the first Blue Zone ever discovered. Research began as an effort to identify a genetic variant responsible for the overwhelming longevity experiences by the islanders, only to conclude that lifestyle and diet are likely larger contributors to this phenomenon.

Note that while Sardinia houses nearly 10 times more centenarians per capita than in the United States. Further to that, the exquisite diet, quality of life, and strong social bonds shared by Sardinians has been the center of scientific and anthropological discussions for over two decades.

The overwhelming number of centenarians living on the tiny island of Sardinia all share a diet rich in ancient whole grains (which account for 47% of total food intake), dairy (26%), and vegetables (12%). Traditional Pane Carasau, local spiny artichokes, wild asparagus, tomatoes, and indigenous Bosana olives are all dominant staples of exceptional quality.

Why choose us?

An island off the coast of Italy, Sardinia, is one of only four Blue Zones on earth. A geographically isolated region where the population shares a common environment, lifestyle and extraordinary longevity.

Today, Sardinian people live longer and healthier than any other in the world. With only .002% of the world’s population, Sardinia is home to over 14% of people over 110.

While genetics play a role, they account for only 10% of the factors influencing longevity. Food, on the other hand, remains a critical determinant.

The Sardinian diet is perhaps the single way of eating with enduring recognition as one of the healthiest.

Rich in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.
Abundant in olives, tomatoes, and ancient grains.
Merit to what is eaten, how it is processed, and where it is grown.

The whole of Sardinia is GMO-free and free of glyphosate, ensuring that no product made exclusively with ingredients from the isle is contaminated.

Nuraxi Vision

Create a Food and beverage ecosystem
Bring experiences to life
Deliver Nuraxi Life

From the Sardegna Blue Zone to the World

Create villages that reflect ancient Nuragic wisdom enhanced by the most advanced human innovation: a model for the world of sustainable, back to roots and longevity-driven living.

The Nuraxi vision is to build a new and sustainable residential district and offer the ultimate longevity lifestyle in the biggest Blue Zone in the world (Sardinia).


Solar/wind power generation
Fresh water from air
Own food production
Zero Pollution
Unique Weather
Connected to all Europe
Fiscal Attractiveness
Physical network of like-minded people