Nomadic Restaurant

“First initiative of its kind. 
Eat under the stars like the first people of Sardinia, whilst enjoying the best wine in the region.”

From the summer of 2020 onwards Nuraxi took residence at one of the most beautiful natural Vineyards in Sardinia - and maybe in the world -  to promote the principles of Nuraxi Life. 

These are at the heart of longevity, and are free for all. Simply put: real connection with people in places of outstanding natural beauty, where you can contemplate, feast and reconnect to what it means to be human.


We deeply believe in the value of the emotion associated with good drinking and eating. We wish to explore new frontiers of tasting. Stimulating the senses and activating the group sharing spirit.

Our ultimate ambition is to create culturally significant contents speaking to consumers on a level of authenticity.

We want to enhance the strength of the Sardinian heritage and bring together a community of passionate citizens of the world, local producers, craftsmen and artists.

Sunset Aperitivo

Come and discover the most beathtaking aperitivo in Sardinia.

Dinner under the Stars

Experience the magic of dining in the middle of nature, tasting the best produce from the island of Longevity.

Primal Experiences and Nuraxi Nights

Yoga sessions, meeting with local producers, cultural events and sunset DJ set: stay tuned to discover where Nuraxi comes to life in summer 2021