Nuraxi brings Sardinian Longevity to the World


Nuraxi was founded in Alghero, Sardinia.

“It is our mission to share the unique knowledge of longevity, health and happiness that are fundamentally embedded in Sardinia’s DNA.”

Nuraxi aims to own the messaging around natural longevity through food, lifestyle and experiences.

Name & Logo

Nuraxi is stemming from the word Su Nuraxi – a UNESCO world heritage site preserving what is left of Sardinia’s ancient villages and famously impressive architectural structures (Nuraghes).

The Nuragic people are the neolithic inhabitants of Sardinia. Evidence shows that this megalithic society has prospered in the island from 7,000bc to 1,500bc.

Our tribe’s logo is a celebration of the first people. An emblem of the intrinsic joy of being a healthy happy human. 

The Nuragic civilization remains a symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture. The Nuragic Age was a time when modern innovation and ancient wisdom were used together to truly improve quality of life.

Sardinian Longevity

Sardinia is the place where people live the longest and healthiest on earth. Sardinians account for 0.002% of the world population, but represent 14% of the people aged 110+. 

A cluster of towns on the island represent the first Blue Zone ever discovered. Blue Zones are regions of the world where evidence thusfar shows people live much longer than average. 

The exquisite diet, quality of life, and strong social bonds shared by Sardinians have been the center of scientific and anthropological discussions for decades.

The overwhelming number of centenarians living on the tiny island of Sardinia all share a diet rich in ancient whole grains (which account for 47% of total food intake), dairy (26%), and vegetables (12%). Traditional Pane Carasau, local spiny artichokes, wild asparagus, tomatoes, and indigenous Bosana olives are all dominant staples of exceptional quality.