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Welcome to San Pantaleo's Nuraxi RiMa

Nuraxi RiMa is a groundbreaking collaboration between Nuraxi and world-renowned Sardinian Michelin-starred chef Cristiano Andreini.

This collaboration brings together the first longevity food ecosystem with the island’s best chef to create a unique experience of primal luxury.

Our Food

Cristiano likes to be called “cook” instead of chef, not to show-off but to take you back to roots. Back to distinctive primal ingredients, to archaic knowledge, to real flavours and real creativity. Tasting Cristiano’s Primal Luxury dishes is a Nuraxi Experience in its purest form.

Our Menu

Our Drinks

We are proud to say that we have a diverse wine cellar that reflects the best wines from every region on the island, and love to offer our clients Aperitivo. 

We have also created a truly unique Sardinian Gin, called Sherdana, only sold in our restaurant. Our Head Barman would be honoured to make you a Sherdana Gin & Tonic, or any other cocktail that you can think of.

Nuraxi Team

Our team’s purpose is to give you a primal gastronomical experience. Each member of our team knows exactly our core principles and the main priority: to take care of you.
Meet the team that will be at your sevice in Nuraxi RiMa:

San Pantaleo

For us Sardinia is all about the combination of mountains and sea, and we chose to make San Pantaleo our home because it is simply the most beautiful village in the mountains, but only 15 minutes from some of the best beaches in the world.

World beating Sardinian Food Produce

Nuraxi is driven by a mission to discover the best that Sardinia has to offer and bring it to the world through an ecosystem of producers, a network that spans the entire island from cove to mountain crest.

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