Nuraxi Is Coming To Life

Real connection with people in outstanding natural beauties, where you can feast under the stars like the first men, reconnects to what it means to be human.

It is for this belief that we are proud to announce that Nuraxi is coming to life.

Starting this summer onwards, Nuraxi will be taking residence in the most heavenly like vineyard hosting numerous experiential events on the isle of Sardinia.

The Story

Through the creation of food and wine and cultural encounters, our goal is to enhance the strength of the Sardinian heritage and bring together a community of passionate citizens of the world, producers dedicated to the land, craftsmen and virtuous artists.

We believe in the value of the emotion associated with good drinking and eating, exploring new frontiers of tasting and stimulating the senses and activating the group sharing spirit.

The importance of real experiences in nature is in our understanding, it is time for humans to get back to the roots. 

What We Offer

In this exceptional event, Nuraxi is delighted to offer our guests a wide range of experiential activities that benefit both mental and physical health. 

Through food & beverage tastings, we deliver unprecedented culinary experiences to promote wellness and longevity surrounded by the Sardinian natural beauty. 

Events include wellness retreat such as yoga and meditation sessions in the green, DJ nights under the stars, explorations are all on the table. Channel your inner desire to nature and back to the roots to where it all began. 

Imagine treating yourself in a heavenly setting…

Nuraxi wellness session

Or sipping wine with a sunset like this…

Nuraxi Tasting Experience

Dancing under the stars…

Nuraxi Dancing Under The Stars

Lastly, with these delicacies… 

Nuraxi Wine and Food Tastings

What are you waiting for?

Be a part of the first edition of Nuraxi Experiences.

Coming to life this summer...

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