Nuraxi Brings Longevity To The World

Nuraxi buys you time, promotes the secrets of longevity, sources real food that tastes great while also boosts longevity, teaches the ancient truths of nature, believes in the true power of connection. We bring longevity to the world.

Warren Buffett

“I can buy anything I want but I can't buy time” – Warren Buffett, 89

Nuraxi was born with the mission to bring the world real food using only the best of traditional wisdom and modern technology. 

Based in Sardinia, Italy. One of the five Blue Zones on earth, Nuraxi offers access to products made with ancient and nutrient-rich varieties of olives, honey, grains, tomatoes, and plants from the celebrated pastures of the isle of Sardinia.

All the products are sourced directly from family-owned businesses or cooperatives that celebrate quality over quantity. Precisely for this reason, they never agreed to external markets … until now.

From farm to fork, each Nuraxi ingredient is accurately chosen for its properties on health and, in particular, cell rejuvenation. 

Today we suffer from longevity amnesia.

Longevity amnesia

We are wealthier than ever, and modern medicine is enabling us to live longer than any of our ancestors.

Yet, in the most advanced parts of the world, we have grown apart from true quality of life. Modern ailments have impacted our daily lives: depression, food intolerances, multiple sclerosis, general inactivity. 

Despite our increasingly advanced medical science, we seem to be becoming less healthy and more dependent on long term chronic health management.

Despite understanding food better than ever, we seem to be as addictive as ever to junk food.

Despite our advances in our communication abilities we seem to be more of our isolation. 

Why Sardinia? Why Nuraxi?


Being one of the five Blue Zones in the world, Sardinia is the place where people live the longest and healthiest on earth. It accounts for 0.002% of the world population, but represents 14% of the people aged over 110.

The term first appeared in his November 2005 National Geographic magazine cover story, "The Secrets of a Long Life" by Dan Buettner. 

To date, five regions are identified as Blue Zones®: Sardinia (Italy); Okinawa (Japan); Nicoya (Costa Rica); Icaria (Greece); and among the Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, California.

Sardinia, being in the longevity hot spot for men, is the place to live the longest and healthiest in the world.

A deeper look into our journey so far...

In 2010, our research and trials on ancient grains and food phytonutrients began, we identified the first Nuraxi products and local partners, and built our scientific board along with international connections to the key Universities studying longevity. 

In 2018, the creation of an ultra-premium food ecosystem focused on Longevity was carried out, we then defined the Nuraxi lifestyle and its components: sustainability, innovation, and longevity.

Wine experience

In 2019, we invested in a Sardinian wine producer and launched our e-commerce platform. The development of the product line and launch of the Nuraxi experiences were carried out in collaboration with the most important vineyards of Sardinia to discover the most suggestive locations on the island.

In 2020, now, Nuraxi launches the only food platform in the world proposing a selection of unique products with benefits on longevity, we also Invest into the No.1 Pasta Maker on the Island.

What’s more?

To get back to our roots, Nuraxi is launching a new kind of experiences partnership with Sardinian vineyards. Starting summer 2020, we will organize a calendar of events combining food & beverage valorization with engaging experiences.

Eat, drink, dance under the stars

“It is time to eat, dance, drink, connect under the stars again, and remember what it is like to be human.”

Many more to come in 2021, where we present you the ultimate Nuraxi Longevity value, The Nuraxi Village. 

Stay tuned for more exciting projects...

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