The Nuraxi Team
in The Ocean Race

The Nuraxi Team Adelasia di Torres wants to become the first Italian Team to ever win the Ocean Race, in 2022-2023. 

“It is our mission to share the unique knowledge of longevity, health and happiness that are fundamentally embedded in Sardinia’s DNA.”

Nuraxi believes humanity needs to find its roots again while still benefiting from essential modern innovation. #BACKTOROOTS

“We will take the ultimate human challenge of sailing around the globe and bring a potent reawakening message.”


The Ocean Race

The Ocean Race is an epic 9-months competition, the ultimate example of technologically advanced man in tune with the infinite power of nature.

"It is often described as the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world, sailing’s toughest team challenge and one of the sport’s Big Three events, alongside the Olympic Games and America’s Cup.

The Ocean Race is an obsession, and many of the world's best sailors have dedicated years, even decades of their lives trying to win it." The Ocean Race

The next edition of The Ocean Race will be contested by two different classes of boat: the IMOCA 60s and the VO65s. 

Nuraxi will compete with the all-new, super fast and foiling IMOCA 60s.

PRESS RELEASE | Nuraxi-Adelasia di Torres enters the Ocean Race 2022-2023. A journey, a vision.

This is the story of our most ambitious journey… We start with our first step by officially registering for the Ocean Race 2022/23.

It is the race that goes around the world in teams, the longest and most challenging sports event there is, the ultimate example of technological man in tune with the power o. . . Show More >

We want to bring the secrets of longevity into the world sailing the oceans and reaching new cultures to create international bonds between Sardinia and the five continents. 

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