Nuraxi brings Sardinian Longevity in The Ocean Race

As the situation in the world is increasingly uncertain, humanity is looking for new horizons to live healthily in the age of technology. Promoting Sardinia's secrets of longevity is our mission and we are proud to present the next courageous step towards the international growth of our vision. 

Team Nuraxi Adelasia di Torres has officially entered The Ocean Race and wants to become the first Italian crew in history to win the most difficult race in the world.


Nuraxi in The Ocean Race


After a long journey that led us to discover and enhance some of the best producers of food and wine specialties in Sardinia, and following the creation of an unprecedented concept of culinary experiences within nature - with the opening of a nomadic restaurant at inside one of the most beautiful vineyards on the island - Nuraxi embarks on a new and ambitious project to spread the lifestyle linked to longevity in the world. 

Participating in The Ocean Race we aim to sail around the world transmitting the ancestral culture of Sardinian food, physical and social habits. This role of messenger will allow us to spread the conscience about the extraordinary territory we come from and to create international partnerships, thus increasing opportunities for the island and abroad.


Nuraxi Team in the Ocean Race 

Find out more about our journey and our vision downloading the Press Release (available in Italian and English versions). 

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