Back to Roots - Introducing the Nuraxi Experiences

Nuraxi Experiences is born out of love for Sardinia: its food, wine, and the spirit of sharing.

In the enchanting scenery of Gallura, the excellence of Sardinian cuisine and the distinctive taste of local wines come together to bring you a brand new tasting experience.

These unique events will take place in the rough yet fascinating land of Tenuta Matteu, a vineyard in the Cannigione area.

Partnering with Vigne Ledda, the estate of Tenuta Matteu covers 35 hectares and represents the quintessence of the Gallura style vineyard, the land of choice for one of the noblest Italian vines: Vermentino.

The vineyard is positioned as a terrace overlooking the sea - at about 300 meters above sea level, offering an impeccable glimpse of this noble land.

View from the Vineyard

Opening on the 15th of July, we offer a season of events to enrich the Sardinian tradition and territory by combining local food with wine excellence.


Through the creation of food, wine and cultural meetings, our goal is to enrich the Sardinian heritage and bring together a community of passionate citizens of the world, producers dedicated to the land, craftsmen and virtuous artists. We believe in the value of the emotions connected with good drinking and eating. We hope to explore new frontiers of tasting to stimulate the senses and reactivate the sharing spirit of the human being.


Apart from tasting experiences, we also offer Vineyard Tour and Wine Safari, to connect deeper to the land that breeds the exquisite Vermentino as well as enjoy each corner of Tenuta Matteu. 

Vineyard Tour

Experiential Nights

Every week, we organize exceptional evenings with artists or special guests to bring together Sardinian food, wine and culture in the most beautiful vineyard on earth.

Experiential Nights

Major experts of the mastery and characteristic techniques of the Sardinian tradition; curators, researchers and academics in art history have the opportunity to deepen different aspects of local art and heritage. While local and international DJs make the audience dance in between wine and exceptional food tastings.

DJ Nights

Wellness Sessions

In an increasingly hectic world, the vineyard is not just a place to honor the production and tasting of wine, it also serves as an expressive space, where unique experiences come about.

Yoga Sessions

We offer Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Exercise sessions, in the morning and at sunset, for those who wish to loosen their body and thoughts, alongside a fine glass of wine.

Wellness with Wine

Nuraxi Experiences, open 15th July. 
A new frontier of tasting experience awaits...

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